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163000 г. Архангельск, ул. Поморская, д.5
(вход c пр.Троицкий), офис 318 (3 этаж);
e-mail: lingvaplus29@gmail.com
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  • Малахова Ирина, 7 группа, средний уровень, 2013-2014 уч.год
    Here you can enjoy positive emotions and high level of studies. The groupmates are friendly and nice. I really like speaking lessons when you can study new words and practice your English a lot. Good teachers will help you to make your English perfect.
  • Булыгин Антон, 7 группа, средний уровень, 2013-2014 уч.год
    I enjoy speaking at English lessons. You can communicate with your friends. Don't forget to do the homework, because when you do it you repeat material which you study at the lessons.
  • Кристина Котова, 7 группа, средний уровень, 2013-2014 уч.год
    I am going to go to Lingua+ next year. I like the atmosphere here, our friendly group and the best teacher. The lessons are really interesting. I have been studying in Lingua for 2 years and my English has improved. I go to lessons with pleasure.
  • Мясников Николай, 7 группа, средний уровень, 2013-2014 уч.год
    I really like "Lingua Plus" because there is a lot of practice, not as in my school. I have been studying here for 7 years and I am not going to leave. I advise students who are following not to be silent and try to speak even if something goes wrong.
  • Фетюкова Лиза, 7 группа, средний уровень, 2013-2014 уч.год
    Why should you go to Lingua Plus? Because you can find new friends, learn a lot of interesting things and improve your English level. Every lesson is unusual, there is really friendly atmosphere. And you can always share your ideas. I really recommend Lingua to you!